Zygopetalum culture


Light:  Zygopetalums prefer bright light with no direct sun.  Leaves should be medium to light green in color.  1500-2000 footcandles.
Temperature:  Zygopetalums prefer intermediate temperatures, with good air movement.  Maximum day temperatures should be between 75-80 degrees, and night minimums between 50-55.  They can be grown outside during the spring, summer, and early fall, but should be brought inside once night temperatures go below 50 degrees.  If grown outside, they should be protected form direct sunlight during the warm summer months.
Water:  Zygopetalums should be kept moist at all times, and never allowed to dry out.  Fertilize every two weeks with a 20-20-20 fertilizer.
Repotting: Zygopetalums should be repotted every two years using a fine and medium fir bark mixture.  They tend to make extensive root systems, and can be potted in larger containers as you would Cymbidiums.  The best time to repot Zygopetalums is after the blooming season, or in the spring.

coelogyne dendrobium dendrochilum disa masdevallia    
Coelogyne Dendrobium Dendrochilum Disa Masdevallia    
pleione odontoglossum phaius zygo  
Pleione Odontoglossum Phaius Zygo