Phaius/ Stenorrhynchus/ Jewel Orchids culture

phaiusLight:  These terrestrial orchids prefer low, subdued light levels with no direct sun.  The leaves should be dark green in color. 
800-1000 footcandles.
Temperature:  Most of these species and hybrids grow best under warm conditions, with maximum daytime temperatures between 75-85 degrees, and night minimums between 55-60 degrees.  They grow quite well indoors and grow like most houseplants.
Water:  All of these terrestrial orchids need to be wet at all times, and should never  dry out.  The pots can even sit in a saucer of water, as long as the water is fresh and changed regularly.  Fertilize every two weeks with a 20-20-20 fertilizer.
Repotting:  These terrestrial orchids should be repotted at least every two years.  Since they are terrestrial in nature, they can be planted in potting soil that drains freely.  They also grow very well in New Zealand sphagnum moss or fine fir bark. 
Repotting should be done in the spring, or after the flowering season.
coelogyne dendrobium dendrochilum disa masdevallia    
Coelogyne Dendrobium Dendrochilum Disa Masdevallia    
pleione odontoglossum phaius zygo  
Pleione Odontoglossum Phaius Zygo