Dendrochilum culture


Light:  Dendrochilums prefer very bright light just short of direct sunlight.  As a general guideline, the thinner the Dendrochilum leaf, the more sun the plant will tolerate.  As an example, Dendrochilum tenellum, with its grass-like foliage, can tolerate almost full sun.
Temperature:  Dendrochilums prefer intermediate to warm temperatures with maximum day temperatures between
75-85 degrees, and night minimums between 50-60.
Water:  Dendrochilums prefer to dry slightly between waterings.  During the spring and summer months the plants can be kept moist, and during the fall and winter they should be allowed to dry between waterings.  Use a 20-20-20 fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season, and once per month during the winter.
Repotting:  Dendrochilums should be repotted every two years using fine fir bark or New Zealand sphagnum moss. 
The best time to repot Dendrochilums is after they have
finished flowering.

coelogyne dendrobium dendrochilum disa masdevallia    
Coelogyne Dendrobium Dendrochilum Disa Masdevallia    
pleione odontoglossum phaius zygo  
Pleione Odontoglossum Phaius Zygo